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How long can I stay at kemah Cabins?
For as long as you want or need.

Do you rent nightly or by the weekend?
No, however we may offer nightly accommodations in the future, please check back with us periodically. 

How do you charge?
We charge by the week (7 days), Saturday thru Friday.

What is your rate?
Call for pricing. 832.877.3283

What is your minimum stay?
Our minimum stay is four weeks, but most folks are staying much longer.

Do you offer a monthly rate?
No. But you can pay for as many weeks in advance as you would like. 

If I stay for a long period of time (example six months) can I get a break on the weekly price?
No, unfortunately we cannot afford to do this because it would not be cost effective. If you check around, you will find that our price is very reasonable in comparison to other nice places. You can find something cheaper but it's not going to be as nice as Kemah Cabins. 

Do I need my own dishes, pots and pans and linens?
No. We provide everything except toiletries. 

Do I need to worry about connecting utilities?
No. All utilities are included in the price above. 

Do you take reservations?

I'm paid up until a certain date at another corporate housing operation but I want to come to Kemah Cabins, can you hold a cabin for me?
Yes. If we have a unit available we will be happy to hold it for you for a few days as long as you give us a deposit. Upon move in, this deposit will rollover for your security deposit. If you cancel this deposit is non refundable. 

Can I smoke inside the cabins?
No, however smoking outside on your porch is fine.

Do you allow pets?
No. However we are in the process of getting some pet friendly units. 

I am working nights, is your facility quiet?
Yes. Our place is very peaceful and quiet. 

Are the cabins secure and safe?
Yes. This is a very good clean area. The Kemah Police do a great job patrolling here and they don't tolerate any trouble makers.

A buddy and I are coming to town to work; can we both park our vehicles?
Yes. Each cabin has two parking spots, one is covered. 

How big and how many bedrooms are the cabins?
They are studio units with a loft. There is one queen size bed and two twins.